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Custom Trend Management

Client Services


We are here for you, 24/7. We provide toll-free access and answer requests rapidly. We do not have a call tree format as many large PBMs do. As part of our client services we offer access to training programs and team prep for implementation. Translation services are available for over 150 languages. We also provide our clients with outbound calling campaigns.


Therapeutic Alternative Program

As part of our business model we leverage generic utilization to reduce drug spend where possible. We provide five targeted drug classes, pharmacist communications and outreach. As part of our program, we also offer direct mail of medications to members.

Mail Order Program

Our mail order pharmacy is owned and operated by ProAct, providing our clients with a dedicated, integrated call center. Our services include voucher incentives, generic availability notices, outbound call programs, integrated substitution program and expedited dispensing and fulfillment. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence.

International Mail Order

Our international program provides an 85% cost savings on select brand medications covering over 250 brand name medications. Our international mail order program includes all tier one international countries. ProAct supplies client support and system integration regarding the international mail order program with 0% copay.

Specialty Pharmacy

Our specialty pharmacy, Noble Health Services is ProAct owned and operated. Our state-of-the-art custom-built facilities broke ground in 2013. Through our specialty pharmacy we are able to provide Coordination of Benefits and copay assistance. Noble Health Services supplies ancillary supplies at no additional cost to our members as well as individualized provider protocols. Our specialty pharmacy provides on-call support 24/7 for each account and is URAC accredited.

Specialty Cost Control

Our formulary management provides clinical guidelines and FDA indication guidance. Support also includes drug utilization management and adherence support. Account benefit design provides member cost share and copay assistance. When processing claim requests, prior authorization assistance and full claim analysis for the benefit of cost effectiveness is provided.

Formulary Management Options

We offer formulary management options whereby the decision to exclude a subset of drugs is your decision, not ours.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Team Members
Reporting/Data Integration
Implementation and Open Enrollment
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